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GlobalData’s Expert Insights provide informed opinions from experienced analysts on the latest events and trends in the energy industry.

With new Expert Insights posted every day, you gain a unique view of the industry from analysts with several years of experience in their field. With a special emphasis on emerging markets and areas with high potential, you can improve your awareness of new opportunities and ensure your strategies reflect the smart trends in the power and resources, and oil & gas industries.

From significant deals and regulatory changes to M&A activity, each topic is covered by the analyst(s) specializing in that particular field. Their informed opinions provide clearer perspective when you need to respond quickly to recent developments in your area of operations.

View our Expert Insights, they provide analyst's views on the latest trends and events in the Energy industry.

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  1. Equatorial Guinea Seeks Revival of its Oil Sector through OPEC

    In this Expert Insight, GlobalData discusses Equatorial Guinea's participation in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries production cut.

  2. ExxonMobil Fine Highlights Chadian Budget Woes and Challenges for Upstream Operators

    In this Expert Insight, GlobalData discusses a Chadian court's order for a consortium led by ExxonMobil to pay a fine of US$74 billion for allegedly underpaying royalties on their operation in the country.

  3. Tillerson’s Appointment Brings Scrutiny to an Exaggerated Russia and ExxonMobil Connection

    In this Expert Insight, Anna Belova, Ph.D., GlobalData's Senior Analyst covering Oil and Gas, discusses Rex Tillerson's appointment as Secretary of State and his close relationships with Putin and Russia's elite.

  4. Production Cuts or Recharging for Growth as Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan Make Statement in Concert with OPEC

    In this Expert Insight, Anna Belova, Ph.D., GlobalData's Senior Analyst covering Oil and Gas, discusses Russia's brokering an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and its commitment to substantial production cuts.

  5. Heavy Oil Incentives Remain Critical to Several Projects in a Lower-Price Environment

    In this Expert Insight, Erik Lambert, GlobalData's Upstream Fiscal Analyst covering Oil & Gas, discusses what the future may hold for the production of heavy oil over the next few years.

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