GlobalData's international profile is growing rapidly. World-leading businesses rely on our energy research, analytics and consulting to help them expand their services into new markets, launch infrastructure projects overseas and keep a close eye on key competitors.

Highly experienced energy analysts

Located in key locations worldwide, our team of industry-experienced energy analysts provides the actionable insight you need to improve decision-making across your entire value chain.

Our diverse team’s qualifications include Masters and PhDs from top academic institutions including Cambridge University, Oxford University, UT Austin, UC Berkeley and Colorado School of Mines. Our senior analysts have at least seven years of experience  within their respective fields, so you can be sure you are working with the best in the industry.

Valuable insight for the energy industry

We combine the research findings of our industry-experienced professional energy analysts, with the perspectives of respected thought leaders, so that you get valuable research solutions that integrate actionable insight with watertight data.

We undertake multiple data checks for validation and monitor thousands of reliable sources, so you can be assured that the analysis we provide is not only the most exhaustive on the market, but also of the highest quality. Whether it’s our Upstream Oil Consulting, Downstream Oil Analysis or our Oil & Gas M&A Database, you can always rely on our decision-critical business information.

With a background in helping some of the world’s leading oil & gas and power businesses succeed, combined with our teams’ superior market intelligence capabilities and industry expertise, you can be sure GlobalData will provide you with the most valuable energy intelligence solutions available on the market.