GlobalData energy Consultants

Consulting for the energy industry

GlobalData's leading energy consulting practice offers a number of core capabilities. Read more about these below or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

  • Business environment and strategy development

    GlobalData's oil & gas consulting practice provides commercial assessment services that give insight into the critical decisions you have to make. We have a sophisticated suite of market models that we can use to value assets and forecast prices. Find out more.

  • Technology and techno-economic evaluations

    GlobalData's oil & gas consulting practice provides technology and techno-economic evaluation services that help drive the business decisions critical to your success. We draw on a comprehensive suite of databases and market models to provide values and forecasts. Find out more.

  • Commercial evaluations and transaction support

    At GlobalData, we constantly track worldwide fiscal regimes, updating our data as required and using it in our detailed economic models. For existing and planned assets, we stay abreast of historic and future production profiles, develop profiles for capital and operating costs, and have a research-based, up-to-date understanding of development plans. Find out more.

  • Market research and intelligence

    GlobalData has expert market research capabilities and we channel much of our research into our global eTrack databases, which cover the upstream, midstream, downstream and petrochemical sectors. Find out more.

  • Identify and value assets

    GlobalData's unrivalled power asset database is a powerful tool that not only enables us to identify existing assets for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), but also to understand where and when entrant pricing conditions will occur for new build development. Find out more.

  • Risks and due diligence

    Understanding, managing and mitigating risks associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or new build development are crucial for successful investment. Manufacturers of large capital items and export credit agencies also need to understand market risks in order to inform their credit risk strategies. Find out more.

  • Margin modeling and assessment

    GlobalData has many years' experience in unbundling power and gas prices in order to understand retail margins for different categories of customer such as residential, small commercial, industrial and power generation. We analyze the following costs as part of this process. Find out more.