GlobalData Energy Consultants

Identify and value assets

GlobalData's unrivalled power asset database is a powerful tool that not only enables us to identify existing assets for mergers and acquisitions (M&A), but also to understand where and when entrant pricing conditions will occur for new build development.

GlobalData can help you by developing a long list of assets or countries, either for acquisition or new-build, and then creating a shortlist based on the attractiveness of each. We are able to assess the attractiveness of specific countries and assets by finding the answers to questions such as:

Key questions we can answer

  • What is the demand growth in the market?
  • What are the regulatory and political factors involved?
  • Are there any risk factors?
  • What levels of security are there around supply and demand?
  • What are the commodity prices involved?

How GlobalData's consulting service can help

For individual assets, GlobalData is able to assess the value of the asset within its country, the portfolio of its current owner and the portfolio of the client. Once a shortlist has been created we are able to offer further detailed analysis of each market or asset.

GlobalData also has a sophisticated suite of market models that we can use to value assets and forecast prices. Our power market model:

  • Dispatches all power plant technologies down to hourly granularity
  • Limits dispatch according to transmission constraints and running hours regulation such as the LCPD
  • Uses future carbon prices and allocation mechanisms according to economic factors
  • Forecasts demand and load using country-specific regressions
  • Forecasts wholesale electricity price to hourly granularity under different input fuel price scenarios

In addition, our power market model uses asset information from our power asset database that is updated globally, monthly. This enables us to react quickly to requests covering any market worldwide.

We are also able to offer other types of financial modeling for the power and utilities sector such as:

  • Discounted cash flow (DCF)
  • Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Levelized cost of energy (LCOE)

Contact us to find out more about our asset identification and valuation capabilities.