GlobalData Energy Consultants

Margin modeling and assessment

GlobalData has many years’ experience in unbundling power and gas prices in order to understand retail margins for different categories of customer such as residential, small commercial, industrial and power generation.

We analyze the following costs as part of this process:

Key questions we can answer

  • What are the wholesale costs according to the length of the contract or the expected retention period for residential customers?
  • What are the peak load and base load components for different electricity customers and the cost of storage for gas customers?
  • What are the transmission and distribution costs, analyzed according to the price formulae of the TSO and DNOs?
  • What are the retail costs for sales, marketing, service, billing, collections, bad debt and corporate?
  • What are the charges dependent on each country and customer category, such as VAT, charges for energy efficiency, and subsidies for renewable generation?

How GlobalData's consulting service can help

GlobalData is an expert in understanding energy supply contracts, including AQ, volume tolerance, non-energy cost pass-through and flexible contracts. We have also made many assessments for operational synergies available to companies selling dual fuel products, showing how they can be realized.

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