GlobalData Energy Consultants

Risks and due diligence

Understanding, managing and mitigating risks associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or new-build development are crucial for successful investment. Manufacturers of large capital items and export credit agencies also need to understand market risks in order to inform their credit risk strategies.

GlobalData's experienced consultants and analysts are able to quantify the risks associated with energy assets in any country across the world, from countries with contracted IPP programs to merchant markets.

Key questions:

What are the risks involved with:

  • Commodity prices?
  • Balancing?
  • Politics?
  • Regulations?
  • Off-take?
  • Construction and development?
  • Supply chain?
  • Exchange rate?

How GlobalData's consulting service can help

We quantify and assess these risks for developers and exporters by using both the performance of existing assets and the specialist knowledge of our analyst team.

GlobalData's team of local analysts and consultants are also able to assess the impact of energy policy, regulation and market design. This analysis covers existing factors and future changes that will impact on the short, medium and long-term performance of existing and new-build energy assets.

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