GlobalData Energy Consultants

Business Environment and Strategy Development

GlobalData's oil & gas consulting practice provides commercial assessment services that give insight into the critical decisions you have to make.

We have a sophisticated suite of market models that we can use to value assets and forecast prices.

Our researchers are continuously tracking developments in the global oil & gas sector that our consultants then leverage to help you solve your most pertinent strategic issues, such as:

  • What have been the key trends in exploration strategy that have helped successful explorers replace reserves?
  • What impact could a change in a country's fiscal terms have on future planned developments?
  • Who has been expanding production most aggressively and what investments have been required to fuel this growth?
  • What could growth in the oil & gas sector mean to a new vendor looking to break into the market?

How GlobalData's consulting service can help

The oil & gas sector is one of the most dynamically variable industries of the global economy. Prices for oil & gas change constantly, production from fields falls off plateau, governments change fiscal terms, new technology unlocks previously inaccessible resources, and companies refresh their strategies in response to the changing demands of the investment community.

Energy companies making investment decisions need to stay abreast of what is going on globally to ensure that they are committing themselves to the best possible plans, and are developing portfolios that will keep them ahead of the competition.

Contact us to discuss the areas of your business where you need external input, and we will work with you to identify the strongest way forward to meet your needs.