GlobalData Energy Consultants

Technology and techno-economic evaluations

GlobalData's oil & gas consulting practice provides technology and techno-economic evaluation services that help drive the business decisions critical to your success.

We draw on a comprehensive suite of databases and market models to provide values and forecasts.

Key questions we can answer

  • Which of the latest trends in technology development have had the most impact on operators’ cost-effective resource progression?
  • What are the considerations that a vendor must make when trying to bring a new product to market, for example those relevant to commercial and technical barriers to entry, competitive landscape, functionality and technical capabilities?
  • What has the extent of innovation been in a specific segment of the service sector, and how risk-averse have operators been in the deployment of new technology?

How GlobalData's consulting service can help

The oil & gas industry is renowned for its technical prowess and the service sector is continuously bringing new technologies to market for the industry to deploy. GlobalData can help you to understand the latest industry trends and gain a solid overview of the latest methods adopted in the field. This is key for companies that want to benchmark their capabilities, or are looking to enter new markets and understand the competitive landscape of the sector.

We have worked on a number of projects internationally, helping operators better understand how they can leverage an ever-evolving service sector to their advantage. We have also worked with new vendors wanting to break into the oil & gas industry, who are seeking advice on how best to develop and market their products in this highly competitive environment.

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