GlobalData Energy Oil and Gas Research - Midstream Analytics
Midstream Analytics

Purchase on a standalone basis or together with other modules and solutions across our full portfolio to create an integrated, tailor-made research platform.

Details on global planned, active, and inactive pipelines, oil and chemicals storage, gas storage, gas processing, and LNG regasification and liquefaction plants.

Historic and future estimates for capital expenditure and capacity provided at the project level, as well as by company and country.

Monthly reports on the main flashpoints facing the midstream industry compliments the interactive tool.

Midstream Analytics allows you to:

  • Monitor the evolution of key planned projects and operators’ strategic plans.
  • Isolate growing companies or markets and explore rationale behind expansion.
  • Identify the most significant operators by country and review details on their portfolio of assets including capital expenditure and planned project start dates.
  • Define the competitive landscape of key service providers and operators.