Upstream Economics

Purchase on a standalone basis or together with other modules and solutions across our full portfolio to create an integrated, tailor-made research platform.

Economic analysis and evaluations of producing and planned field developments, including field reports models.

Asset models are available online or in an auditable Excel file, with economic output such as remaining and full cycle NPV, IRR, and payback period driven by analyst assessed reserves estimates, production forecasts, capital and operating expenditure estimates, and country and field specific fiscal terms.

Reports include updated details on the current status of the development, an analyst opinion on the outlook of the project highlighting potential risks, the geology of the field, an economic analysis outlining assumptions around costs, and the rationale supporting the reserves and production forecast.

A fiscal report details the applicable terms in detail, inclusive of tools that provide comparative analysis between countries. Access to analysts is provided to explore analysis in further detail.

Upstream Economics allows you to:

  • Review specific field development expectations and economic analysis to evaluate financial performance for acquisition or divestment.
  • Evaluate the economics of further capital investment or a price shift on a upstream project
  • Understand the fiscal, cost, price, and production sensitivities on specific fields
  • Compare project economics across various countries or companies
  • Identify project specific production and cost drivers with an outlook into potential risks and upside